We believe that young people are valuable and incredible at bringing about change, so our mission is to help young people to reach their full potential in their community.

As well as our youth centre in Burnage, we have a mobile youth vehicle that travels around various Manchester communities equipped with a wide variety of resources designed to help young people engage in positive activities and further fulfil their needs.

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Catalyst Youth Centre

Detached Youth Work

Trips & Holiday Clubs


Three partners including N-Gage formed in 2017 to deliver services across Burnage, Fallowfield, Withington and Chorlton Park.

We offer a complimentary programme including expertise in centre based, outreach/detached and outdoor youth and play activities that will provide young people with access to a range of diversionary activities and informal education opportunities.

So far we have engaged with 1200 young people across our services and have recently secured funding to allow us to continue until 2022.