Julia Wolfendale, Director & Executive Coach, On The Up Consulting Ltd

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Julia Wolfendale, Director & Executive Coach, On The Up Consulting Ltd

I first became aware of N-Gage when I was working on a behaviour change programme in Burnage.

We worked with the N-Gage team to engage with local schools around a Cleaner Healthier Burnage. What sets N-Gage apart is that they are truly committed to creating diverse and meaningful opportunities for children and young people. They have a fantastic range of resources, effective programmes in schools, fabulous facilities and wonderful staff. They create great relationships with young people and really inspire them to achieve, helping them learn valuable skills in a social environment.

Christie Spurling, the CEO is probably one of the humblest and most inspiring people you could meet. His vision is based on a personal experience and a drive and tenacity to remove barriers and enable children and young people to be at their best.

He puts his heart and soul into the charity, and it is because of his own personal story that he is truly committed to helping each child feel like they matter and no matter what they have experienced. He wants young people to know they can achieve their full potential.

I support N-Gage whenever I can, as they play an important role in community and I want them to keep going and keep growing!