David King LL.B, CA, Chair of Trustees, N-Gage

David King LL.B, CA, Chair of Trustees, N-Gage

I first met Christie as a youth leader at Ivy Church many years ago and was very excited when he founded N-GAGE.

Over the years I started to support N-GAGE financially and would meet up with Christie for some informal, strategic mentoring over coffee every few months.

After I stepped down from chairing Retrak, a charity serving street children in Africa, Christie asked me to join N-GAGE as chair of trustees in 2018.

Knowing the wonderful transformational work that N-GAGE do with young people in the Manchester area I was very happy to accept and be involved in a more direct way in encouraging Christie as he takes the work forward. I’m so impressed with his hands-on approach.

Having read his book, I am aware of the personal challenges of his own difficult childhood. He has lived the pain and I’m sure this resonates with the young people N-GAGE work with and makes our work more credible and therefore more impactful for them.