Ben Crouch, Director of Quinton Youth for Christ

Ben Crouch, Director of Quinton Youth for Christ


After five months of me taking on the role as Director I asked to meet up with Christie.  I was struggling to find a work balance with all the different challenges that leading a charity brings.  Especially help with funding,  as I had no experience.

Christie came and met with me and helped me learn different ways to approach funders and the best ways to think about the work I am doing. He has also challenged me to think of ways in which to raise support for the charity, not just financial. 

I would recommend a consultation with Christie, he has so much experience and his humility and care really stand out. He also challenges you to think outside of the box in different ways.

If I hadn’t started a consultation with Christie, I would still be confused and struggling with running a Charity so I’m grateful for all Christie has done and the time he’s given.  

Christie has vast knowledge and experience to help shape and break down different aspects of work that can seem huge.  This is an invaluable service for those who are already leading a charity or new at setting a charity up!