#SmallCharityWeek 2020


It’s been #SmallCharityWeek this week, the FSI’s annual celebration of all things mini, and N-Gage is one of these small charities. We help the young people of Manchester who are at risk of educational or social exclusion, to reach their full potential.

N-Gage’s annual income is absolutely dwarfed by that of the UK’s larger charities, and it places limitations on what we can do and who we can reach. But! Being a “small” charity is not a bad thing, we have some real advantages over large ones. 

Here’s some of the reasons why you should support small charities like N-Gage:

• Your donation actually makes a difference. It costs nowhere near as much to run a small charity, obvs. But it also costs us less to help people. Raise £100.00 for a big charity and it might just go towards the running of the admin department, but £100.00 for us would provide a youth worker for a month of weekly sessions with our young people. 

• We’re experts. Being small means we have to know our stuff, and we’re focused on a specific need. We know young people, we listen to what they need, and we know how to help them. As a charity we’ve been doing it for almost 15 years. 

• Flexibility. Making changes to a large charity can be like turning round a cruise ship. And guess what, since lockdown every charity has been whizzing around, updating departments, changing mission statements, trying to work out how to adapt to the “new normal” under COVID-19. 

Have we had to do the same? Yes, but we’re also in a much better state to react to changes precisely because we’re small. We don’t have layers of bureaucracy to negotiate and we can make a decision in the morning and see it implemented in the afternoon.

• Our CEO salaries aren’t astronomical. Cancer Research UK’s CEO’s salary is £240,000 a year. That’s more than it costs to actually run N-Gage. Macmillan’s is £170,000. NSPCC’s is £162,000. And the above salaries were only accurate a few years ago, so they could be even higher now. As much as we love Christie, he’s not getting paid that.

We hope that’s given you some good reasons to keep supporting us during these times, and that while we might not be the size of one of the many large charities (that do incredible work) we still do important work for the young people of this city, and they’ll need us in the coming months more than ever.


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