Christie’s Birthday Blog

Technically I should not have made it to 45. A miracle and strength of character led to me being born, and I reflect today, with slightly wet eyes, how such an evil start to my life has led to so much blessing despite the pain. Thank you for the birthday wishes, I’m feeling very appreciated. (If you want to know more about my start in life, you can read my book.)

I am doing the ten-album thing that’s been going round on Facebook as I was nominated by my mate Anthony Delaney. Today’s album is my all-time fave. Bear with me and I will explain why.

I went to a gig aged about 17 with some guys from our youth group, the band was called Iona. I watched the whole gig speechless. I was frequently propelled into the music room at Lymm High by Mr Archer and forced to play drums to help me manage my “issues”. He sparked my obsession with drumming and wanting to be the best I could at it. At the gig Terl Bryant walked away from his drum kit and sat on the stage with a plastic bucket and a mic. He started to play the song ‘Today’. It blew my mind.

As we left the church, I saw a poster for another gig by a choir called The Continentals. We went back a few weeks later and again I was blown away by the gig. Towards the end I found myself auditioning to go on a tour with them after being literally manhandled to the stage.

A few months later I am at a rehearsal school in Northampton having got there on a coach with various parts of a drum kit. I had been selected after my manhandled audition to go to South Africa and tour with loads of other young people I had never met. Bearing in mind I had no self-confidence, no money and no job, I had raised a £1500 (which was a shed load of money back then) I could not quite believe how I had ended up there.

I had never been abroad and landing in South Africa was something I will never forget. Seeing the townships first-hand and the slums that families were living in has never left me and drives me in my work to try and help young people.

So as I think and reflect today on a life lived with more twists and turns than a Hollywood blockbuster I want to leave with this thought. We aren’t defined by things outside of our control, we are defined by how we use those things to make good of a bad situation. If you want to make a donation to my Charity N-Gage it will help us support young people in Manchester in a variety of ways!

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