As part of our continued drive to improve what we do and how it is managed administratively, N-Gage is going through some changes to our charity registration.

Currently we operate as a Registered Charity: 1117843 and Limited Company: 09210663 (we had to open the company to allow us to take a lease from Manchester City Council.)

We have also registered as a new entity called a CIO 1185170 (Charitable Incorporated Organisation.) This a company and charity merged into one entity. It is considered best practice for organisations such as N-Gage to become this. 

We will keep the old charity and company until they are wound up after our AGM later on this year. We plan to keep copies of all our accounts and annual reports somewhere within our website so when the old entities are wound up people can see our 13 years of history as 1117843.

For those reading this it doesn’t affect our relationship with you. We are the same staff, trustees have the same resources; our centres, vehicles, and banking remain the same and we continue to be passionately committed to our work with young people.

Thank you for your continued support.

Christie Spurling MBE
Founder and CEO

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