We’re looking to raise much needed funds for a van-tastic new vehicle!

More specifically, we need to raise £20,000 for a new Catalyst Youth Vehicle to replace our old one which is no longer in use.

What Does A Youth Vehicle Do?

  • Our Catalyst Youth Vehicles provides a youth work programme, five nights a week, in different parts of Greater Manchester.
  • We work with hard-to-reach young people who are at risk of social or educational exclusion.
  • The vehicles are equipped with various resources which are designed to help young people engage in positive activities.
  • The vehicle also comes with up to three trained youth workers. They give support, advice, and guidance, offering the young people alternatives to getting involved in anti-social activities.
  • Using these vehicles we have seen a decrease of anti-social behaviour, youth crime, disengagement and community disturbance in the communities we work in.

How Can I Help?

We’d love to have your support with this massive challenge.



  • We’re running the Manchester Half Marathon on Sunday 13th October, why not join us?
  • Challenge yourself and raise money for our youth vehicle at the same time!
  • To book your space please email daniel.savage@n-gage.org.uk

Check out our events page and our facebook + twitter accounts, to stay up to date with our progress.